CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program. We have designed our program to elicit the broadest adaptation response possible. CrossFit is not a specialised fitness program but a deliberate attempt to optimise physical competence in each of ten recognised fitness domains.


Working one on one with an experienced and dedicated coach will help you reach goals and improve in areas of weakness. Personal training has proved to be so effective that it has become a popular service amongst our athletes. With each personal training session, athletes are given individualised homework to be completed before the next personal training session.


Our Nutrition Coaching program is designed to provide individuals with an easy, science-based approach to nutrition and wellness, using simple behaviour modification strategies to create positive change without the stress of “dieting”.



CrossFit Waimakariri was started in a two car garage after the Christchurch earthquakes, as a place to unwind from the daily stress and to bring others together to help each other through.
Today we still maintain this as our primary goal. A win for us is when our clients leave the gym happier than when they arrived. Health and fitness are a fantastic by-product of doing something physical that you can enjoy around people who just want to see you at your best.
At CrossFit Waimakariri we take pride in our ability to provide top quality, professional coaching by people that care about you and want to see you achieve. Whether that is through CrossFit, private training or nutrition consultation.
We are here to help you get to the best version of you.



Tell us a little about yourselves. Book a time and day that suits you to come in and have a one-on-one chat with us. Tell us your health and fitness goals and we’ll suggest ways that we can best help you reach them and if you are up for it, you can even get a sweat on to. Book Now!


Complete our comprehensive on-boarding process where you’ll learn the 9 fundamental movements as well as being introduced to the intensity and technicality of training CrossFit gradually.


Join the classes of your choice and watch your fitness levels take off in ways you couldn’t imagine before.



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    Do you have to be fit to do CrossFit?

    Absolutely not, anyone can start CrossFit. “The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree not kind” – Greg Glassman. CrossFit is designed go be infinitely scalable, so no matter you’re stating fitness level we can accommodate.

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    Do I need a contract?

    Nope. We don’t really like contracts.We want you to come in and give it try and see if it’s for you. Contracts just make that decision harder.

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    Do you have discounts?

    No. We don’t discount, we don’t grandfather, we don’t do special rates, reduced rates, group rates or use any other marketing trick to con you in to joining up.We also don’t do contracts, tie-in’s or minimum length terms. If you don’t want to be here, we don’t want to try to force you to stay because we relay on our programming, coaching and your enjoyment to bring you back time after time.

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    Is CrossFit dangerous?

    Doing stupid things is dangerous, crossing the road is dangerous, getting out of bed some days is dangerous, on other days staying in bed is dangerous. Danger is about context. Poor coaching, a big ego and high intensity when you are not ready for it are all dangerous. Which is why we run a tight ship at CrossFit Waimakariri, we only provide high quality coaching from knowledgeable coaches. We make sure you check you’re ego at the door and we introduce intensity only when you are ready.

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    Will I get bulky lifting weights?

    No. Weights don’t make people bulky, testosterone does.

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    The other stuff

    You are required to give a 30 day notice to cancel a membership with no exception. You can’t put a “hold” on your membership. Think of it as putting your cable or cell phone bill on hold because you can’t use it for 2 weeks.
    You must have completed our Foundations Course if you don’t have 3-6 months of CrossFit experience at a certified location within the past year.
    Coaches are available for personal training. You do not need to be a member.
    Monthly memberships auto-renew, but again, you can cancel at any time.