CrossFit Kids, prepares kids with well rounded athleticism. The programming mirrors the style in which a normal CrossFit class is run, focusing on strength, speed, power and flexibility. The kids learn about performance nutrition, and are encouraged to develop a mindset around being an ‘athlete for life,’ whether within CrossFit, another sport, or just a fitter individual. Ultimately we are looking to continue to establish healthy habits at a young age.

CrossFit also serves to establish valuable lessons on hard work, resiliency, cooperation, and the benefits of stepping outside one’s comfort zone. CrossFit offers a unique dynamic of ‘collaborative competition’, because Kids are encouraged to cheer for one another. This teaches them trust and cohesion as well as accountability and confidence as a group of individuals.

Our aim is to provide them with an extensive skill set, coaching them to display excellence in most activities without specialising in any particular sport. More importantly, we want them to enjoy movement for the sake of movement.

A typical class looks like this:
1. Team-based warmup
2. Skill & Strength development
3. WOD – Workout of the Day
4. Cool down activity and review

The entire program is $150 for the term. Payment must be made in full and up front.
It runs 2 x week for 8 weeks on Tuesday and Friday at 3:30 pm, and sessions are 45 minutes in length.