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Consistent Positive Action


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“Where do I start… The coaches are awesome, they encourage, support and push us to our best potential. The CrossFit Waimakariri team is very supportive, you never feel like a failure, totally the opposite. We laugh, we encourage, sometimes we want a small weep when we see the workout, but it’s a great place to work out and you feel like you’ve achieved something at the end of the workout. Great community :-)” - Karen Dugdale

Make the commitment to make a change!

Getting Started



Complete the online application form.


We've made step one super easy for you, just click on the button to the left and fill in a few of your details. That's it, that's all you need to do, so the rest of this text is just padding while we wait for you to make the decision to press the button... go on, we dare you... have you done it yet? Great well done!




In step two you will be asked to book a FREE new client consultation (also known as a No Sweat Intro) with one of our awesome, friendly staff. If you entered your details above then you have probably already been taken to the booking system. So here are a few more details about what to expect at your consultation.

First off, we set you down for a chat about what you’re doing currently for your fitness and nutrition.

Then we’ll discuss what your specific and unique goals are. We are also going to talk about what success might look like to you in a month, in three months, in six months, in a year, because we want to help you get there.

Once we’ve talked about all that we’re going to figure out a game plan to help you get there. It could be personal training, it could be group classes, it could be Nutrition or some combination of all three.



Book your free "No Sweat" Consultation.



Find success in the Circle of Awesome.


No matter what your goals a supportive enviroment will get you there faster. We call ours the Circle of Awesome; great coaches, inspiring and super-friendly athletes as well as consistent interaction and ongoing goal setting we have everything to make your goals a reality.

New athletes go through a thorough 90-day onboarding process where we teach you everything you need to be successful. During the 90-days we guarantee measurable results. After the first 90-days, we do constant ongoing goal setting to make sure you are still on track to hit your goals now and in the future.

Our Mission

At CrossFit Waimakariri we take our mission seriously and in order to provide the best services to our clients, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We aim to improve every aspect of peoples lives and including exercise, nutrition and mental health and have some fun while doing it.


No Contracts
You won’t be tied into a contract. Just pay for a month and train for a month.
We've been there
Our coaches all have been through amazing transformations, there’s no flim-flam, just real life.
Convenient location
Central to Rangiora with ample off road parking.
Great Facility
Large, clean, well fitted out facility. Lot’s of space to move around without falling over other people.
Private coaching
And small group coaching, for those who prefer it.
Nutrition Guidence
Because we know that 80% of results come from changing eating habits.
Kids and Teens
We are family friendly and have fantastic Kids and Teens programs available to all different age groups.
we've got it going on
Heaps of events, seminars and workshops to choose from during the year to keep you interested and always striving for better.

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