Congratulations to Sarah Jones who today becomes the longest standing member at CrossFit Waimakariri.
Sarah began her CrossFit journey exactly 3 years ago in the somewhat humble surroundings of CrossFit Waimakariri’s first home (a garage). It was the start of a new year (2014) and at the time she was looking for a “clean up” for her body – “My start to CrossFit was more of a health challenge for a month between friends, I didn’t really think I would continue beyond that month. As well as a healthy eating plan for that month attending CrossFit was part of the challenge.” The month ended and Sarah could see that her fitness had improved and she was hooked.

Driven by her own personal achievements Sarah continued with us here at CFWM. In 2016 she completed the Advanced Theory Course and since that time has been part of our coaching team, passionate not only for her own improvements but also for the improvement of others.