Lots of people have already covered off this topic in various places but I wanted to add my two cents worth and point out a couple of the least pointed out benefits. For many more reasons check out these posts here and here.

  1. Improves mental toughness. It’s difficult to do and not many people are willing to go there mentally. If you want the edge on your competitors you have to be willing to push yourself.
  2. It improves recovery. This is my favourite reason and I tell this to most of my athletes. A cold shower causes the blood vessels to contract and tighten. The skin tightens and so does the entire lymphatic system, thereby flushing the fluids around the body. You’ll feel much better the day after a hard workout if you cold shower after training.
  3. It gets you set for the day ahead. Having difficulty waking up in the morning? Not after a cold shower, or your money back. And talking of money…..
  4. It’s cheaper. It costs money to heat water, it might not seem like a big deal at first but it soon adds up. Save your money and spend it on better nutrition and training.
  5. It’s quicker. You don’t want to stay in there long so get in, get the job done and get on with your day. No more 30 min showers.
  6. Increased breath control. Having trouble with breath control in your workouts? Cold showers will fix this; you’ll learn to breathe deeper and control your breath for longer.
  7. Our ancestors did it. Ok technically not a shower, but cold bathing in rivers, waterfalls, (cold milk bath anyone?)and the sea have been a part of human existence since, probably, forever. Hot water bathing and showers were invented by the Victorians to give rich people a more comfortable life.

So whether you’re looking for better performance in your training or just all round better health, cold showers are the way forward, or back, depending on your perspective.