What made you start personal training at CrossFit Waimakariri?

Matt: Well, that’s interesting- I sold Alex a car and just got to talking to him. He said that he runs a gym. I was going for a few jogs and trying to keep my fitness up and was struggling. The penny dropped and that would be the place to go. Once I started I was hooked!

What type of person would you recommend personal training to?

Matt: Well that’s a broad question- you could recommend it to anyone and everyone, couldn’t you? Because it is personal- that’s the whole idea. It’s tailor made. You could recommend it to an athlete who wants fine tuning or a person that’s starting off and really needs that extra bit of attention. I can’t say you could recommend it to a specific group or person-

It would just be anyone!

Matt: Yeah, exactly!

How would you describe what you do at Personal Training to a friend? 

Matt: You know I’ve been asked that one a couple of times— and it’s sort of one you get stuck on a wee bit… How would you describe it to a friend?

It’s focused on your specifics- so you can discuss your needs. Obviously, it’s not just going to the gym and standing there looking at Facebook on your phone in between lifting weights. So you know, you try and relay it to your friends what you do and you sort of have to break it down- from start to finish- you know, the warm up and stretching- and then the strength training and workout of the day. I really have to break it down. You can’t sort of sum it up in one or two sentences to be completely fair.

How has training at CrossFit Waimakariri changed you or your life?

Matt: It has changed me because I wasn’t greatly overweight but I was enough, and I was lethargic. Now I feel more focused, stronger, fitter- which in turn rolls into my daily life. From work and family life and general health—  it’s been great for me.

That’s fantastic- so all in all a really positive experience?

Matt: Very much so, yes.