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I’m not your typical coach. I didn’t start out start out fit, strong or even very healthy. I don’t have a long list sports awards and medals to my name as a kid, in fact I’ve had lots of medical issue due to some very bad choices and a lethargic lifestyle. At one point in my life, I was told by a doctor that I wasn’t likely to see 30.

But before I could change my habits I first needed to change my thought process. For me this was one of the biggest benefits of CrossFit. You have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone to find out what you are truly capable of.

I am now a firm believer that with the right mindset, good nutrition and plenty of exercise everyone can become the person they want to be.

This is a very quick version of my story and journey with health and CrossFit.


For the longer version check out my Bio page.

At aged 18 a doctor told me I had extreme hypertension and without constant treatment, I wouldn’t see 30. At 24 I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, 26, just a year after having our daughter, infertility, 27, sleep apnoea so bad I was on a breathing machine at night and would fall asleep while driving, and finally at 28, cardiac arrhythmia so bad it would make me nearly faint whilst seated at my desk.

About a year later after trying everything a normal gym or health professional could offer, I found CrossFit. Within weeks, I was starting to feel… less dead inside, less doomed. With the help of an improved diet and Crossfit, within 2 years the doctor cleared me of everything. The day I was taken off medication for hypertension that had plagued me, was a landmark. CrossFit and healthy eating fixed in 2 years, the damage I had done to my body for nearly 30 years.

More stories from members are to come soon, so keep a look out.

Coach Alex.

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