It’s not so long ago that I went from being coached to training on my own in my garage. I had most of what I needed at home and the garage box phenomenon was just kicking off. I could go online and get all the information I wanted. From how to build a piece of equipment for next to nothing all the way to how to get your 20th pull up. Information was free and it still is, I could learn anything and achieve whatever I wanted.

Facebook, YouTube and various sites are a great way to get information but they are also a fantastic way to get misinformation. At the time I had some basic skills in CrossFit but I was just floating around. I’d see an article on how to do x,y or z and I’d dedicate a chunk of my time to learning it. Sometimes it would be a program sometimes it would be a specific exercise but this lead to a couple of problems, the first was what’s affectionately known as “fuckarounditus.”

Going from one program to the next without spending enough time on that program. Sometimes even mixing and matching programs to make them “even better” but of course it doesn’t work that way. You have to dedicate a decent chunk of time to a specific program to see results and you need to leave the program well enough alone to either prove it works or prove it doesn’t.

The other issue I came across as I would dedicate my time to learning a movement as it was taught in videos or articles online thinking I was getting coaching but again there was a huge issue there. Context.

I look back now at what I thought I was learning and I can easily laugh. I can also laugh at videos I see coming out now with super secret ways to get you first whatever and see the huge gap and it’s always context. A coach can look at you and your movement and tell you where you need to concentrate your effort to get that movement down, no hype, no BS, no secret sauce, just “you are doing this and this, just do this and practice it until it’s second nature.” They can pick from a set of tools and chose the right one for you, they can even build new tools just for you and your current situation.

A video or article can’t do that all it can do is give you one tool, maybe that’s what you need, maybe it’s not. But if it is, you’ll share it and pronounce it the next greatest thing, or maybe a friend will and you’ll take their word for it but without the same context as they had.

If you want to learn something, the fastest way to do it is through coaching. If you want a dopamine rush and to endlessly practice the wrong correction for the problem you don’t have, like I used to, free online information is definitely your way forward. When I got a coach again everything changed, results came faster, my consistency improved and I got injured less. Do yourself a favour, fire the Internet, it’s a bad coach.