What made you start personal training at CrossFit Waimakariri?

Sandra: Well it actually started when I saw them put on Facebook about their New You Challenge- their very first one. I was actually accepted into doing that because at the time that came onto the internet and I saw it- I was in a very, not a good place, mentally wise and stuff like that and that just happened to come up at the right time. I got the interview, got in and when the New You challenge stopped I then went to Jane and got her as a personal trainer. And since then I have never looked back.

Believe it or not, it actually saved me- cause I was getting out of control food wise and stuff like that. I could see myself as a 500lb person just sitting in an armchair getting bigger. That’s how bad it got. So their thing when they put that New You Challenge up, it was the best thing I ever started with- it was the best thing that ever happened.

What type of person would you recommend personal training to?

Possibly, someone that wants more than just fitness, because I’ve said to Jane a couple of times that she’s more than just a personal trainer to me—she’s the shoulder I cry on, and someone that I can talk to a few problems about. So, anyone that’s looking for, you know, not just for exercise—

Just a really good support in life?

Yeah, exactly and that’s what Jane and Crossfit have been to me.

How would you describe what you do at Personal Training to a friend? 

How would I describe it? Oh jeepers… Just that it’s… It’s not… how, how the hell do you put that in words? Haha!

Haha! Well, what would one of your personal training sessions maybe look like?

A lot of exercises and a lot of sweat… Hahaha- And it’s something where you don’t give up part way through. You know, you might be thinking, “Ah shit, I can’t get through this,” that sort of thing but Jane’s with ya, right there keeping you going, making sure that you don’t quit, and you just carry on. And I’ll tell you what- when you do a session, you just feel so different at the end of a session. You feel so good. You’ve blown a lot of sweat, and you’re puffin’ and carrying on, and probably a bit red in the face, but you just feel so good when you leave there—well, I do anyway! Haha!

How has training at CrossFit Waimakariri changed you or your life?

It’s definitely changed me… To the fact that I was at a stage where I didn’t want to go out in public with my husband– that sort of thing. We’d go out at night and I just didn’t feel comfortable, I just felt like everyone was staring at me. And now, because I’ve been doing, well I did the New You Challenge at the end of last year, and now- well- I haven’t lost a big amount of weight but I’ve lost a lot of centimeters—and I just feel like I can put my shoulders back now and I can hold my head up- I just feel so much better within myself. It’s pulled me out of my shell a wee bit. It’s quite hard to put into words really. It really has changed me… from when I applied for the interview—I’m just not the same person.

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