The world has been overrun by zombies. They’re in our town, they’re on our street and they’re getting ever closer to YOUR house. You can hear the moans and dragging of feet as they get ever nearer all the things you love and cherish. What do you do? What.Do.You.Do?

Do you run? Do you grab a shotgun?  Do you try to mow them down in your car, or do you just panic?

Obviously, if there were that many, no-ones making it out alive anyway but pretty quickly you’d make a plan and act on that plan. Maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn’t but the beauty of having a plan is you can change it if needed and the problem of not having one is that you can’t.

Thinking of getting fit or losing weight or gaining muscle are all great but without a plan, the zombies will have you first.

It’s simple to create a plan, start with where you are, look at where you want to be and draw a line between the two. If you need help with this, come in and talk to us. We can help.