If you hadn’t noticed it getting colder these days. Winter is almost in full swing and frost is covering the cars in the morning. So here are our top eight tips for being a bad ass all winter so that you can kick ass next summer.

  1. Stay accountable
    Get a buddy and together keep each other accountable. If you are working out together, make sure your buddy is turning up at the same time. If you’re training at different times, don’t relent. Text, Facebook, Instagram, it doesn’t matter, just keep each other accountable.
  2. Turn up early
    And get warm. Don’t rely solely on the prescribed warm up. Get in early and move around, spend an extra five minutes before class rowing, doing burpees, skipping, doing jumping lunges, anything to get your blood pumping and give yourself the edge over everyone else. This is especially true in the early mornings. Falling out of bed on a cold morning and then expecting to be able to give 100% isn’t going to happen.
  3. Set goals
    Have something to aim for. Goals are a powerful thing and when used correctly can provide the drive necessary to get you through even the darkest coldest mornings. All of our clients regularly undertakes goal setting with us and don’t worry if you aren’t sure what goals you want to set, we are here to help you with that too.
  4. Dress the part
    Layers are key, don’t turn up in the same clothes you’d ware for the summer, otherwise getting warm to begin with is going to be a losing battle. Ware layers that you can throw off quickly as you warm up and that you can put back on quickly when you cool down.
  5. Success breeds motivation
    Not the other way around so seek out success on your way to motivation. Be successful in getting to the gym early and you wont need motivation. Be successful in not hitting he snooze button and you’ll find the motivation to get out of bed. Small successes lead to bigger ones, which lead to being awesome.
  6. Stay the course
    The saying that summer bodies are made in the winter is true. If you can manage to stay the course in the winter that illusive summer bod you’ve been searching for will be a lot closer and when all you friends are kicking off new regimens to get fit at the start of summer you’ll already have ahead start.
  7. Eat properly
    The temptation in the cooler months is to just eat and drink crap and sit in front of the TV in the warmth. DON’T fall into the trap. As I said before, find your small successes and build from there. A lack of motivation in one thing will lead to more of the same in everything. Break the cycle, keep eating well and every time you do recognise the success and use the motivation to push you forward.
  8. Try personal training
    If you can’t find anyone to keep you accountable, or you’re struggling to find success or set goals. Try personal training. We will set goals with you, we will keep you accountable and we will show you your successes. Book a 1 on 1 today to find out more.