It’s never easy finding the time to exercise, especially when you first start out with something new. Everyone has the same amount of time in a day and everyone finds a way to fill that day with something. Your day and mine won’t look the same but they are the still the same length, give or take the hours that we sleep for.

An average day for most people probably revolves around work. Get up, get ready for work, travel to work, work, travel home and there is most of the day gone. It’s worse if you own a business or you’re juggling two jobs, family, kids sports and so on.

So with a full day of doing “stuff,” how is it possible to just add in exercise? Well, of course, it isn’t. A full day is a full day. There is no magic spell for adding more time in your day. You’re not going to just wake up at six AM again ready for the groundhog pick the weather. The worst thing you can do is just try to pry it between other things.

If you’re serious about your health and all the benefits it brings and the negatives it staves off, then there is only really one choice, something else has to take a back seat. Something has to slide down the list of “priorities” in order to make room. I know that’s not easy, it never is, but I’m pretty sure if you look hard enough at the things you do in a day, you’ll find something that can be dropped.

That 30 minutes of TV watching before bed or “winding down,” could you go for a walk instead? How about that wake-up time? Is 30 minutes earlier too much? Then how about 10, that’s just enough to get up and do a few squats, sit ups and press ups before heading to the shower. These days we waste a huge amount of time just looking at social media, it that latest cat meme really worth it? There are other less obvious time killers too, a trip out for groceries and then another trip for fuel.

If we look hard at our day there’s likely to be a thousand time wasting things we do each day that we aren’t even aware of but we have to start by making exercise a real priority and give it some real urgency, otherwise it’s always going to be a “would like to do” and never a “am doing.”

We work around the times of the majority of our clients lives so that they can train at a time that suits them. We also have personal training options available at most times of the day because we know how precious your time is. If you want to know more, check out our time table or pop in for a chat, at a time that suits you.

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