Rule 1) Let the coaches coach!

Right now I have a LOT on my plate and I’m going to try to refrain from venting things here, suffice to say your coaches have ALL been training CrossFit for longer than you and coaching CrossFit for longer than you and they all know a damn sight more about it than you do. So when they tell you something, shut up and listen.

2) Your mum does not work here.

Put your own things away. In the correct place. Not close to where they belong, not in the vicinity but away. Leaving it for the coaches to do is just lazy and disrespectful.

3) Leave your ego at the door.

I’ve posted about ego before. If you can’t leave your ego behind as a CrossFitter than you won’t last long anyway. You are not as good or bad as you think you are. Humility will make your CrossFit experience a lot more bearable.

4) Turn up.

Be on time for classes, turn up to the classes you book and be consistent. Don’t come bitching to me because you can’t do x,y or z when you can’t even turn up when you say you will.

5) Support others.

Again I’ve posted about this recently. We are more than a gym. We are a community and a tribe.

6) if you don’t know, ask.

The coaches, oh my god ask the coaches, not the person to your left. Not your great aunt’s daughter friend who is a total CrossFit god, and not Dr Google. It’s what we are here for, and we don’t know something we will find out.


Enough said, I hope.

8) Eat well.

Again you are all adults, don’t expect to do well if you can’t even eat well.

9) Finally, please, have fun.