Janelle, From Rangiora


I was attracted to Crossfit because it looked really exciting and so much more beneficial than mind-numbing gym classes.
I look forward to coming each day to see something different that I can try for the first time or try to improve and with it being so broad, it encompasses aerobic exercise, anaerobic, weight lifting, agility and gymnastics it is forever varied.
The 3 things that have changed are I am stronger physically. I am stronger mentally. And I have a much better diet.
The last 3 months I’ve lost about 5kgs, and I’m still going little by little to keep taking more weight off. I know if I want to be the best I can be at Crossfit the lighter I am the easier it will be. I have been cutting out processed foods where ever I can. We eat very little bread/pasta/rice and try to keep to fresh fruit, veggies and meat. And when I start to fall off the wagon Jonathan puts me back on track which is awesome.
I don’t have a story but I love Crossfit. I have always been active and into sport at a competitive level but always in individual sports and haven’t always enjoyed team sports because I didn’t like to rely on others. Crossfit gives me the best of both worlds as it is individual but in a team environment where I can try my best and always strive to improve my scores while also pitting myself against others and encouraging and pushing everyone else to do there best