Looking For A new Beginning?

Our 6 Week Koru Bootcamp is designed to not only get you fit and active but also lead the way to a new healthier lifestyle.


The koru (Māori for “loop”[1]) is a spiral shape based on the appearance of a new unfurling silver fern frond. It is an integral symbol in Māori art, carving and tattooing, where it symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace.[2] Its shape “conveys the idea of perpetual movement,” while the inner coil “suggests returning to the point of origin”.[2]

The koru symbolises new life and new beginnings. That’s exactly what we are offering here. A great starting place for your fitness journey.



Led by awesome, experienced coaches, within a group setting, Koru is a calorie-burning, interval training class designed to target all levels of clients. With a proven combination of the best High Intensity, Core and Functional Training, you will increase muscle and burn calories in a fun, fast-paced workout customized to your level and your goals. Koru is guaranteed to make you sweat, shred fat and move you closer to the body you want. It is time for a new beginning!


It is our core belief that no matter how good the workout, if you aren’t in the right environment to achieve your best version possible, everyone’s motivation will eventually fade. What started great will once again turn into a short term fad, instead of the much needed long term effect we all need. With the most experienced and knowledgeable coaches leading each dynamic and ideal group class setting, our members are held accountable every single workout to achieve their fitness goals. We take every single member from AVERAGE to AWESOME!


It is our mission to empower  others to break through the walls of Dysfunction, Distress and Disease and live a life of Health, Fitness and Happiness so that every single member can become a better version of themselves each time they walk through our doors.

By breaking out of their comfort zones, continuously enhancing their lifestyle, and delivering happiness; we can make their hour with us the best hour of their day!

Our members will MOVE better, LIVE longer, BE happier and find a new sense of PURPOSE.

What the 6-WEEK KORU BOOTCAMP includes;


3 x Group training sessions per week


Heart pumping and sweat drenching group workouts


A professional coach devoted to teaching proper form and to hold you accountable to your goals


Custom built nutrition plan and 2 weekly check-ins (Optional)


6 x 30min 1 on 1 Personal Training sessions to guarantee you get the results you want (Optional)


Who are we looking for?

Those committed and willing to make a change


Must be willing to attend all sessions


Must be willing to track your nutritional goals


No egos or judgement here. We pride ourselves on being a safe and supportive place for everyone


Must be willing to work hard and never quit. The results come from hard work and a commitment to your goals.


What Our Clients are saying about us!

You still might be a little sceptical...I know I would be if I were you.

Starting a new fitness program is scary. But I want you to know I am here for you. Our coaches are here for you. And most importantly, all of our members are here for you - we are a family.

As a matter of fact, many of our members below had that same scepticism and doubt in their heads when they started their transformations. But just look at the results they achieved with the support of our programs...

New You Challenge 2017-18


Lost 3% body fat and 15cm, she gained 2 kilos of muscle and diet discipline during our recent New You Challenge


Lost 8% body fat and 23cm and she gained self-belief during our New You Challenge. #ican


Lost 25 kilos, 9cm and 1% body fat, she gained a love of group fitness during our New You Challenge

Summer Shred 2017


Lost 3% body fat and 15cm, she gained 2 kilos of muscle and diet discipline during our recent New You Challenge


Lost 8% body fat and 23cm and she gained self-belief during our New You Challenge. #ican


Lost 25 kilos, 9cm and 1% body fat, she gained a love of group fitness during our New You Challenge

New You Challenge 2016-17

Exactly 1 year on, 23 women met with us to hear about a challenge that they hoped was going to change their lives. These 23 ladies transformed their mental desire to change into a physical action and on that day took the first tentative step along their journey to improved health and fitness.

I recently asked a group of these ladies who we are fortunate enough to still be working with, what has this year meant to you?

"Life Changing", "A life saved", "Stronger mentally and physically", "Fitter, stronger, happier, healthier", "There have been tears, laughter and a little pain but it sure has given me a boost in self-confidence and got the 'old me' back..."

Tina is one of these ladies, and today she marked her first anniversary by stepping up once more to the measuring tape. Tina's hard work and commitment to change has resulted in a total loss of 73 cm, 18 kg and a 13% body fat reduction.



I wound up at CFWM because I wasn’t at a low point in life, but I was at a low point in me, I had been recovering from quite a nasty accident, a skiing accident, that I had three years ago. Absolutely bust everything, my ribs, my shoulder, my shoulder blade and everything I just couldn’t get back to my normal strength and fitness. Then one day the add for the New You Challenge came up on my computer and I though this is exactly what I need; the motivation and the commitment. I started, I got accepted on that challenge and I haven’t looked back. Probably if anything, I’m addicted.
“I started initially because I found myself getting bored of things I had tried in the past and liked the idea of doing something different at each class. Once I had been doing it for a month or two I started to realise what I was capable of and found I was getting a little bit hooked. Physically and mentally I have noticed big improvements and a year later I’m still here..so even though I have been known to cry and swear and sweat profusely it’s a bloody good time and the people are amazing.” - Hannah Black

Cath and John

“I think collectively we’ve probably lost about 25 kilos. Maybe more. We’re fitter, happier, more interested in life, more active, yeah- everything. I think mental health wise is the best thing- it makes you feel positive about your day or whatever’s coming or whatever’s been. You know, I love the people. I love turning up for a bit of a yarn…”
“It pushes me to do things I never thought physically possible and develops a mental toughness I never thought I had in me. I may cry, and I may swear, and maybe there’s a teeny little bit of abuse (sorry!!!!), but the thank you on my way out the door is genuine. I am a little bit addicted to this crazy thing we call CrossFit and I love it!” - Katie Patterson


“I think the new gym’s awesome- it’s huge here. I think Alex and Jane have done really well to get to where they have.”
“This place is awesome.” - Hayley

Chris Bailey

“I started last year sometime, I was just over going to the gym and doing the same old stuff every day– so I thought I’d come and give it a go.”