My name is Dannie and I live out in Oxford at the moment. I’ve been coming along to Crossfit pretty much since the start of April. Not long at all!

CFWM: What is your Crossfit Highlight thus far?
D: Just the people I’ve met, the encouragement, the commoraderrie- it’s pretty cool

CFWM: What motivates you to stay fit?
D: I’ve got a 7yr old son which is a fair chunk of it, just to sort of keep up with him. I’m doing a lot more with him.

CFWM: What is your favorite winter activity?
D: Uhm, snowboarding. I am really looking forward to getting back into that. I’ll be alot fitter and a lot lighter so it should make it easier.

CFWM: Is there a special place you go to that’s your favorite?
D: With my son’s school they go a half day each week during term 3, that’s up at Porter’s. And they have to have a parent go with them so- it’s real hard work.

CFWM: Do you have a favorite hot drink? Coffee!
CFWM: Cream and sugar? Nah just black.

CFWM: What keeps you busy outside of the gym?
D:Work and a 7yr old, I coach his ripper rugby team at the moment so that’s a lot of time.

CFWM: What is your all time favorite song?
D: I don’t know! I don’t really have a favorite song.

CFWM: What or where is your happy place?
D: Probably just out in the bush camping, out in the open air, in the middle of nowhere!

CFWM: Anything you can share that the gym members may not know about you yet?
D: There’s probably lots- nothing off the top of my head.

CFWM: We’ll just say you’re an open book- if someone wants to know something about Dannie just ask!
D: Yeah, that’s it!


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