I’m Meagan Smith, I’m from Rangiora- originally from Kaikoura.
I’ve been coming for about 7 months now, I joined with the 6 week New You Challenge last year and I’ve just been coming ever since!

CFWM: Who or what do you look forward to most when you come to CrossFit Waimak?

Meagan: I look forward to the buzzer going off at the end of the workout– it’s a good feeling getting it over and done with!

CFWM: What is your best PR or Crossfit moment?

M: I did the CrossFit Open and I can finally do a double under.

CFWM: What do you think of the new gym?!

M: I think the new gym’s awesome- it’s huge here. I think Alex and Jane have done really well to get to where they have.

CFWM: If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

 M: Oh, I would go somewhere tropical like Hawaii probably.

CFWM: And who would you take with you?

M: I would take my sister- we always have lots of fun together.

CFWM: Aw, thats nice.. What is your favorite band, or your favorite song, or the number thing you turn on when you get in the car?

M: I turn on ZM radio when I get in the car.

CFWM: Fair enough, good shoutout! A couple of rapid either or questions for you, which do you prefer;
Handstand holds or L-sits?
M: L-sits
CFWM:  Snowboarding or Skiing?
M: Snowboarding
CFWM: Chai Latte or Hot Chocolate?
M: Chai
CFWM: Relaxing day at the spa or a day out exploring?
M: Day out exploring
CFWM: Cardio or weight training?
M: Uhhhh.. cardio. Haha!

CFWM: Is there anything you’d like to share that you haven’t had the chance to?

M: No.
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