Cath grew up in Wairoa on the East Coast, John grew up in Wiamati, down south, and now they live in Waikuku. Cath started first with the New You Challenge in October last year. John watched Cath do that for a while and decided to come, he started at the end of January.

CFWM: Tell us a little bit about yourselves: How did you guys meet each other?

J: Cath came to interview me. Actually. How many years ago was that? About 6?

C: 6 years ago, after the earth quake, I think. Or just before, yeah.

CFWM: Aw, cute. And so who asked who out?

C: Ha, that’s debatable.

CFWM: Debatable. Up in the air, still not sure!

J: She chased me.

C: No, he chased me. Haha!

CFWM: Alright, what is your favorite PR or Crossfit moment?

C: Still gonna have it, ha. It’s coming. Working up to it!

J: I’m getting through burpees without losing skin off my knees.

CFWM: That’s awesome, that in itself, that is a big victory! What is your favourite thing about each other?

C: He’s the kindest man in the world.

J: I dunno, there’s so much about Cath that is amazing. She’s probably the most intelligent, funny, beautiful person I’ve ever met.

CFWM: Aw, that’s really sweet! What is the best trip that you’ve ever taken together?

C: Probably Bangkok, Phuket. Ay, we went to Bangkok and Phuket in 2015.

CFWM: If you could steal credit for any great piece of art in the world- song, film, book- which one would you steal credit for?

C: I was going to go for the fidget spinner, haha, just be a millionaire!! No, I don’t know probably some great piece of art- a Monet or something like that.

J: Officer and a Gentleman. It’s a classic, classic piece of filmmaking.

CFWM: Who spends more money on active wear?

C: John!

J: Yeah, me.

CFWM: How many times a week, on average, do you think about how excited you are to come to Crossfit?

C: Every day.

J: Yeah.

C: Even on Sundays when we don’t come. We’re thinking about it.

CFWM: Do you know all the words to a Taylor Swift song?

J. No.

C: No. Definitely not.

CFWM: Oh, come on, there’s gotta be one.

C&J: No, definitely not. Haha!

CFWM: When was the last time you guys had a date night?

C: About a week and a half ago, we went to Hobart in Tasmania.

CFWM: Aw, that’s so— what?! In Tasmania?

C: You just got us on the one week of the year that we actually went away and did something!

CFWM: Well, that’s a fantastic last date night!

J: Yeah.

CFWM: How had Crossfit changed your life?

C: Oh, massively. I think collectively we’ve probably lost about 25 kilos. Maybe more. We’re fitter, happier, more interested in life, more active, yeah- everything. I think mental health wise is the best thing- it makes you feel positive about your day or whatever’s coming or whatever’s been. You know, I love the people. I love turning up for a bit of a yarn, haha,  a bit of a chat.

CFWM: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

J: Just a big thanks to everybody here, and to the team, and everybody that we come and do Crossfit with cause we just love it.

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