Vixta McQueen, from Loburn

My Crossfit journey goes like so… There was this hot mum walking across the quad at school and I was like, “Wow, she looks amazing. So toned and fit!” After a lot of chit chats explaining how Crossfit works, the results, and brilliant benefits and of course, if I could look like her,  just a shorter version!! I signed my daughter up first to Kids Crossfit and after meeting Jane and Alex, I decided this was definitely the way to amp up my training and change my stalemate body into another gear.  So cheers, Lianne! Whenever I have a moment of cursing and swearing or utter jubilation I have you to thank!  At the time I was joining, little did I know, 3 guys I knew were starting as well- Sam, Dan and Hamish- so it was brilliant not being the newbie on the block by myself. I have always been a gym bunny and worked out inside because I have an auto-immune disorder called Lupus. I have to stay out of the sun and get fatigued very easily!! So this Crossfit, indoors, a little bit of running, a few weights and few surprises in between and a coach on hand to correct all my positioning was the right way for me to train. I’ve lost weight since April, developed some back and arm muscles that I have never seen and have become stronger and can workout for harder and longer.

CFWM: Who or What do you look forward to most when you come to CrossFit Waimakariri?

Vixta: The members and the coaches are what makes Crossfit the ultimate workout for me, high-intensity training, controlled weight training and of course the small classes make you work to your highest level with the added bonus of a little competitiveness and my favourite, partner workouts. Plus I get to natter, have a lot of laughs and have met some lovely new people that I get to see on a regular basis.

CFWM: What is your best PR or Crossfit moment you’re most proud of?

Vixta: My most successful achievement in Crossfit this far would be stringing together consecutive burpees ( I actually really enjoy them now), my assisted chin ups and pull ups have improved… My goals are to lift heavier overhead, move to 6kg wall ball and let’s see if I can put together 2 double-unders in the near future!!  Above all of this,  Crossfit has given me a mental strength for pushing through and completing workouts that I actually didn’t know I was capable of doing… The times you want to give in, drop a level or curse your coach!! The desire to finish and join the other members with a finishing time or as many rounds, is the most satisfying and rewarding. Sometimes the simple high 5 at the end- it just bloody hurts to lift your arm!! Let’s put my mental strength to the test and see if I can win this 1 big looming “workout” ahead of me, and then I will be back striving for those goals.

CFWM: Either Or’s, Which do you prefer? Fish N Chips or Pies:

Vixta: Fish N Chips

CFWM: Tea or Coffee:

Vixta: Green Tea!

CFWM: Superman or Batman:

Vixta: Batman, because I don’t like Superman’s red outfit.

CFWM: Heels or Flats:

Vixta: Flats

CFWM: If you were to get a permanent tattoo done, what would it be and where?

Vixta: The truth is I wouldn’t get one because I am needle phobic!

CFWM: Who’s Your Personal Hero?

Vixta: At present, I am inspired by Jake Bailey, a young teenager who’s won a battle.

CFWM: If You Could Live In A Book, TV Show Or Movie, What Would It Be? My all time

Vixta: My all time favourite movie is the Sound Of Music– although I’d want to live in the hills, not in the convent!!