Last year we were lucky enough to take a trip to the CrossFit games. While I was there I decided to splash out on the best skipping rope I could find and there were plenty of choices available.

I spent a few hours going around the stalls and talking to the salespeople. There were weighted ropes, weighted handles, thick ropes, thin ropes, technicolour and camo. After a little while wandering around one thing struck me. A skipping rope is not a barbell!

Let me elaborate.

In the gym we provide barbells and a six foot three guy uses a 20kg barbell just the same as a 5 foot nothing guy. They are the same barbell. They wouldn’t, however, use the same skipping rope, well they could but one of them would be suffering.

In the gym, we have four lengths of skipping rope, each of which is a different colour. Green is the smallest (at around 2.4m), then yellow (2.6m), blue (2.8m) and red (3m) is the longest. Each rope is also adjustable for a better fit for each person.

So what’s the best skipping rope? One that fits you. Your height, your skill level and your preference. The weight of the rope and the feedback from the handles varies from rope type to type. Unfortunately, we can’t provide that perfect skipping rope for you the way we can a barbell. We provide top quality equipment for you but if we did that with ropes it still wouldn’t be right for you.

So the one thing you can do to become a double-under ninja is to buy yourself a skipping rope that suits you and we’ll even help make sure it’s the right length for you.

There are loads of options out there for ropes, everywhere from AliExpress to the top of the range ropes from RX Smart Gear, but remember as, with all equipment, you get what you pay for; Industrial Athletic do some very decent ropes, alternatively, you could support local and go see Brad & Alice at Stirling Sports.