A good personal trainer helps you build a habit you’ll keep for life.

After all, becoming a different person means doing things with which you may not be comfortable at first.

A good personal trainer is part coach, part cheerleader, part kinesiologist, part physicist, and part fan. We’d like to think we know more about building habits and creating workouts you’ll love than anyone else – we’ve even published research on the subject. These days, we find ourselves doing a lot of things that others won’t – hey, everyone gets comfortable – and we keep pushing ourselves to find new techniques for our clients. We’re comfortable being uncomfortable.

Even our personal trainer’s coach and train each other. Everyone needs a coach!

Your path to self-betterment starts with a Bright Spots session: what are you already doing right?
How can we use those Bright Spots to leverage improvement…how can we help you get used to success?

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