Training in a group can be more fun, especially if that group is made up of your friends. Personal training is also more effective at getting you to your goals faster. So why not do them both? Get a couple of your most awesome friends together and help push each other to your goals.

– Do you have a buddy with the same goals as you?
– Do you want the benefits of group training without the intimidation?
– Do you want to get healthy as a family?
– Are you looking for a challenge with your teammates in the off-season?
– Do you and some friends want to practice some skills outside of class?

Group personal training is the way to go and our coaches are happy to help.

Group PT rate is $55 per person per hour for up to 5 people.

This includes individual movement assessment, video analysis and feedback, personalised group programming and coaching as well as a homework prescription to get you to your goals. As long as you are all working towards the same goals, we will get you there.

What’s included in a Skills session:

  • Movement analysis
  • Video analysis and feedback
  • Personalised group programming
  • Group homework