The Front Squat can be really frustrating for some. Flexibility and mobility can end up causing many people issues. We find the problem to be worse with men but lots of women also find it difficult.

There are lots of possible reasons why men have a harder time than women do. Men, on the whole, are physically larger in the shoulders, women have a predisposition to hypermobility, Bros love to bench. No matter the reason there is always something that can be done to get an athlete in a better position.

The front squat requires the flexibility of the wrists, shoulders, upper back as well as hips and ankles like any other squat. The front squat isn’t the most complex squat of the 3 foundations but it can be frustrating none the less.

At the top of this post and linked here is a fantastic resource for working on your mobility in the front squat. If you want more personal feedback on your squat book a skills session today.

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