Goals create the will to change but focusing on the goal is a mistake.
I love travelling in New Zealand, I love going to places I know well and discovering places I’ve never been before. I love knowing that come the weekend we are heading off up the coast but getting there is only part of the attraction. Travelling over mountains, along beaches, on winding gravel roads or through man build tunnels. There is always something to see. The journey becomes as much of the vacation as the destination.
Goals are a great way to get motivated to make a change, for me It was simply being able to keep up with my daughter. This was a great kick in the backside to get up and move, but eventually, that was not enough anymore. Getting in the car and driving for hours seems like a nightmare to a lot of people but that’s because they aren’t looking out the windows, their just staring in the direction wondering what time they’ll get to that place that makes the travel worth it.
One of our favourite places to visit is Karamea, a really small town in the back end of nowhere. It’s beautiful but its 6 hours away on a good day. Longer if it rains. the first time we drove across, the rain was torrential, typical tropical west coast rain. Parts of the road were a river and there were slips everywhere. We could have seen the trip as a right off, we could have concentrated on the time it took, but it’s not like we had anywhere to be once we got there, no meetings, no appointments, no school, no reservations, we had the journey. It was ours to experience.
The trip across the belly of the South Island and up the west coast is stunning even in the rain so we take the time to enjoy the journey. Getting fit should be the same, most people focus on the goal, actually I’m going to rephrase that, unsuccessful people focus on the goal. I want to lose 10 kilos by this date and they never stop to look at the changes that are going on every day. Look at your training like a journey, once you get there do you have someplace to be, do you have an appointment?
We do goal setting to get people to think about what it is they actually want, but we also use it to take the time to look at how far they have come and give them the opportunity to look around at the scenery.
When’s the last time you looked out the windows and just admired the scenery?