You’ve been doing CrossFit for x months and everything was going just fine, but then it happens; that movement comes up. You know, the one you hate, the one you suck at, the one that you can just never get and this time you can’t just brush it off. Something needs to be done.

Everyone goes through it. At some point, everybody hit’s a sticking point in Crossfit. Everything can be going great one day and then the next it starts to unravel. The key here is not to lose your shit but to take a step back and look at the things you’ve done to get to where you are now and see what needs to change.

Here are the top three (plus a bonus) reasons I see that people stop making progress in one direction or another.

1) – Consistency
CrossFit isn’t just one skill, it’s a group of skills, a never ending group of skills that range from gymnastic to mental and as with any skill, if you want to improve, repetition is key. We recommend three days a week as a minimum for training but even if you trained every day multiple times a day, these skills would still take a lifetime to master. Just look at the top Games athletes, they ALL still have weaknesses, yes, even Rich.
If you want to see improvement, you have to practice and if you don’t get it first time out, don’t throw you toys, chill out and have another go.

2) – Recovery
Recovery is the other side of the same coin as consistency. The more often and the harder you train the more time you have to dedicate to recovery and that doesn’t mean just taking the odd day here and there to sit on your backside and eat junk food. Active recovery, mobility and a good diet are key to speeding up recovery, as is taking some time to heal mentally. Next time you take a rest day how about getting a massage, visiting a physio to treat that niggle or even taking an hour to meditate. It may not be as ‘cool’ as ending up on the floor in a pile of your own body fluids but you will improve, you will be better for the next training session and you will feel a damn site better for it.

3) – Mobility
The number one thing you are not doing, is mobility, getting rid of those restrictions will open a whole new world of PR’s. Just accumulating 10-20 min a day of gentle mobility work will allow you to see huge benefits in just a few short weeks and if you’re not sure what to do, we do mobility work almost every day at CrossFit Waimakariri, check out MobilityWOD or ROMWOD, they do the thinking for you. Just subscribe and DO.

4 Bonus) – Practice during training.
You’re not spending time during your workout, working on those weaknesses. If you suck at overhead squats and Snatches come up in a WOD, are you more likely to power snatch and overhead squat or just kind of muscle every rep up and get to the end as fast as possible? You and I both know the answer. Sure hit the WOD with everything you have, but mechanics should ALWAYS come first. If your coach tells you to pick your elbows up in the front squat during a tough WOD and you carry on rep-ing out elbows down, you’ve just wasted practice time and you’re no better than when you walked in.

So next time you get frustrated because you’ve hit a wall, think about how much time you are spending practising movements, instead of just gunning through, or how hard you have pushed this week or even how much time you’ve spent on yourself, getting flexible, or just chilling in a warm bath.