It’s hard finding the time to write every day. It’s just hard finding time full stop.
One of the biggest pain points I hear from inside and outside the gym is time. whether you have a busy job, kids, more than one job and kids, whatever it is. It can feel like life is conspiring against you sometimes.
I SUCK at organising my time. I have a full-time job, a business to run and a family to keep. I try to stay fit and active and eat well. I want to spend more time travelling and visiting this beautiful country we live in. I love to write, I want to write and I need to write. I also want to spend more time with the people I love, the tribe I’ve built and the friends I have.
The problem is it’s too much, I can’t do all of these things and neither can you. So how can you and I manage all of these want’s and needs and still manage to be happy? The key is to do less. Something has to give and if you don’t make an active choice about what you’re willing to give up, life will make it for you and it won’t be the thing you wanted to give up.
On a perfect day for me, I manage to perfectly prioritise my day so that I get the most important things done first and everything else is a bonus. I wake up before 4:30 am and I drive to the gym. There I’ll knock out an email as fast as I can, I have hundreds of topics that I’ve already partly thought out and hopefully there is enough time an inspiration in the 20min I have in complete silence to myself in the morning to get something halfway decent written up. Then it’s time to coach a class for an hour and enough time for me to train (I can’t miss this anymore, training became a part of my life because I never want to go back to where I was, read more about it in my story) I can usually get all this done in time to be home to say goodbye to my daughter as she goes off to school (This isn’t the life I planned or her but it’s the best I can do for now)
Then the rest of my day is spent behind a computer screen. Right now, this is as good as it gets. Until I head back out to the gym a couple of nights a week to coach a class or two.
If I’m still in the mood at night, I might do some work on the business, but this usually has to wait until the weekend. Nothing in this situation is ideal, but it meets my priorities. Now that is what might happen one day out of five during the week but how does a typical day go?
Well, I wake up before my alarm because I just haven’t been able to sleep. So I get up and drive to the gym, now I have heaps more time to write but my head is foggy from not getting enough sleep for the past week so nothing comes, or I get lost in some rant and I realise I don’t know who I’m writing this to or why. Now I’ve spent so much time flicking through facebook for some kind of inspiration that I need to run downstairs and write up the workout before people start walking through the door. After the class, I go to train for myself and most of the time I manage it but some days I just stare at the workout and think I don’t want to do this on my own, so I go home to get more time with my daughter.
At home, I’ll be preoccupied thinking about how much I failed this morning not writing and not training, so instead of being attentive, I sit on the computer still waiting for inspiration. Now I’m late starting work and about halfway through the day inspiration will hit and I’ll start writing instead of doing the one thing that’s stable in my life. Now I’m using paid time to do something I shouldn’t and guilts sets in. (like right now as I write this.)
About midday, I’ll decide it’s time to go to the gym and train because I missed it this morning. Yep, on the worst days, my training still get’s done because it’s a priority to me. From here on in, work and life descend into chaos. Meetings, PJ’s extracurricular classes, the dog hasn’t been for a walk, birds have knocked tiles off the roof, the rabbit has escaped and is running around the street again.
Even with all this going on I can still know at the end of the day, today was successful. Why? Did the most important things to me get done? Yep. As short as it may be I always get time to spend with my daughter and it’s always more meaningful than just “how was your day?” I manage to train and keep my health on the positive side of the pendulum. The class got coached and everyone achieved something, everyone got a high five and hopefully went away feeling better about themselves than they did when they arrived.
We all have struggles and everyone’s time is precious but we all have the same amount of minutes in a day and we can only do so much in those minutes. What matters is that we know what our priorities are and we make sure we hit them every day, mine are family, health and my tribe (the people I get to influence each day) We really only get three and like I’ve said before if your health isn’t on that list, don’t count on always being able to complete the other two.