Not everyone goes to the gym for the same reason;
Some people want to lose weight, get healthier and look good; some want to de-stress, blow off some steam and just forget about their day, while others want to perform at a high level for sport (including CrossFit,) to compete with others or to push themselves to greater limits.
Starting this week we are introducing new training “tracks” to address different people’s intents because we want to provide the best training for your goals. So here is a little more on what they are, why we chose the names and who should be following which track.
What is it?
  • No Olympic lifts, no high skill gymnastics, hypertrophy strength to improve body composition.

Who is it for?

  • People who are looking to get fitter, improve their health and looking for a better quality of life.
  • People are new to CrossFit (less than 1 year) then this should be your go-to training track, remember you can’t build a pyramid upside down and you can’t build top strength on weak joints, ligaments and tendons, well you can but injuries will happen.
  • People who need to work on improving their technique.
  • People who have been going hard out on Toa for a while and need to take a deload.
  • People who have been away from training for a while and want to get back up to speed.
  • People interested in improving their body composition.
  • Most people, most of the time.
What is it?
  • Olympic lifts and technical movements with conjugate strength to improve performance
Who is it for?
  • People looking to increase top end strength and performance.
  • People looking to compete in CrossFit or looking to improve for the Open
  • People with specific goals in Weightlifting, CrossFit or Gymnastics
  • People looking for an added challenge
“The needs of the Olympic Weightlifter and a grandmother differ by degree, not kind.” – Greg Glassman. This holds true here too, some days the workout on the board will be different, some days they won’t. The degree to which the stimulus is programmed can be different at the macro (month, year) level, but seem the same at the micro (day) level. It all depends on perspective. Look at the month and difference will be more obvious, look at the year and more obvious still.
If you are interested in how these tracks can help you and your training needs why not stop by for a no sweat intro today.