Remember that one day in your life where you said to yourself, that was perfect? I do, in fact, I have a few but the one that always comes back to me most vividly, is the first one. I was in my mid-teens, I was still rebelling against some long forgotten slight or maybe I was just trying to experience life.

Me and a best friend decided to take our motorbikes across England for the day, stay away and then ride back the next day. I still don’t remember if we camped or stayed at a bed and breakfast but the things that stick out to me were the company, the stupid things we did and the feeling of exhaustion at the end of the day. The most vivid memory was sitting on the cold, misty, damp docks listening to waves with a can of cheap beer and cold pie. We’d travelled what felt like an eternity on bikes that were built for far different purposes. Mine was a 250cc, two stroke race bike and my friends was a 125cc learner/daily commuter, neither of them was meant to do the 280 something miles in a single hit. Neither were comfortable and neither were practical.

For me though, it was my first memorable, perfect day. The exhaustion and the elation, the suffering and the success. No beer had tasted better, and no pie more rewarding. We set out to do something on our own, something that seemed insurmountable and we made it.

There have been many more since both big and small; my best friends and I would do lots more trips on our bikes, meeting my wife, travelling, having our daughter, all of these were perfect days in one way or another. But what if you could design your day to be perfect, each and every day? What if you could just look back at the things that made each of those memories perfect and just replicate that feeling over and over again? Now, what if you could apply that to your job and your life? Imagine waking up to a perfect day, every day.

Exhaustion, success and comradery are all things that come up time and time again in my perfect day which is why when building a business and a team for that business I look for people with a similar perspective on their perfect day. Having just finished the advanced theory course with a group of clients who wanted to know more about what we do here, I also asked them this question, “What does your perfect day look like?” In the early stages, I’m not after an answer, just for them to think about it.

As they move on to become a part of the team it becomes a necessity for them to have a perfect day and for us to help them work towards it. But it isn’t reserved for just the people we employ, it should be done by everyone and if we can help people strive for that perfect day through what we do then all the better. If we can improve peoples lives, the way they move, their attitude to a challenge or even their relationship with food, then everyone wins.

So I want you to think about your perfect day, what do you really need to get there? I bet you’re not as far away as you think.