Mine would be to manipulate metal, like Magneto from x-men. The world is made up of metals so as well as being able to manipulate metal objects he has the power of flight like Superman by repelling the metal in the ground. Most of all though it would make lifting all these damn weights a lot easier. My deadlift; 170kg, Magneto’s; an oil tanker and he can do it without touching the thing. Me, I shake, sweat and wobble around like my legs are going to break.

It would be awesome to have these types of power and it’s fun to think about what you can do with them but we all know it’s a fantasy. It would be awesome to think we can get fit and healthy without any effort on our own part. Pills, vibration plates, the shake weight, the ab circle 3 million or whatever it is all sound good but deep down we all know they’re fantasy. Don’t we? But we still end up buying into it because fantasy releases dopamine and we like believing we can do something without effort.

The thing is we can, there is a simple way to get healthy and it’s not too difficult, but it sure is contentious. In fact for some talking about it is as bad as insulting their religion. What is it? Just stop eating so much. It’s that simple; stop eating before you’re full, stop eating and drinking things you know you shouldn’t.  Yes, it takes willpower to begin with, but not as much as you think and not for as long as you think either.

So, really, my superpower wouldn’t be metal manipulation because it’s a fantasy, it would be to teach people the simple ways to improve their health. To give them a better life. I’m working on my superpower every day.

So what would your superpower be?