When I was younger I thought I had a superpower.
It was a mild spring day and I had been forced to play hockey on the school grounds as part of our PE. I hated hockey, they give you a weapon and then tell you it’s against the rules to hit anyone with it. I’ve never been able to get my head around it. You go in for a tackle, it get’s heated, you’re opponent “accidentally” gets a stick to the shin and you’re suddenly being told you’re bad at the game and relegated to the side lines.
Standing on the side line watching on I had nothing to do but imagine. I could feel a breeze creep up around me and in my anger and boredom I wondered, I wanted, to control that wind, I wanted so much for it to get too strong to play so that we could all go inside. I wanted it to build and build and bring rain and thunder with it. As I willed it on the weather did get worse and I started to think I had control of the wind, it was under my will.
Needless to say it didn’t rain, the game didn’t get called off and I had so stand around for the entire game as the wind got up but not by my doing.
Looking back it’s easy to say this was childish or even foolish, but the older I’ve become the more I realise that we can control our surroundings, maybe not the weather but we can control what happens to us. If you want to be miserable, believe that everyone else is miserable. If you want to be depressed, think depressing thoughts. If you want the world to conspire against you, then resent the people in it.
“A man is precisely as miserable as he thinks he is.” – Seneca
The opposite is also true, you are as happy as you think you are, as you choose to be.
Often fate will throw things at us that we don’t like or were not anticipating but it’s not the ‘thing’ that is inherently good or bad, it is simply our perspective. As a parent I’ve seen this from both sides, if I’m in a good mood and my daughter accidentally drops something, most likely we’ll laugh it off. But if I’m in a bad mood, an argument no doubt ensues. Neither time was the incident different but my perspective was and the outcome propagated that perspective. Now instead of one person in a bad mood now there are two.
This really is the definition of a superpower. We have the power to influence the world around us in a profound way simply by being the thing you want to receive and without any external force.
What has this got to do with getting fit? Well, if we want to make a change in ourselves, we have to change how we think. If you want to be healthy, you have to change how you see yourself. See a fit athlete, see yourself doing the things an athlete does, see yourself being around fit athletes and these things will all happen. See yourself sitting on the sofa with a jumbo pizza and that’s exactly where you’ll find yourself.
You have a superpower. Now you just have to choose how you want to you to use it.